I'm Josh, thanks for stopping by!

I am currently building lightweight Web3 experiences.

I'm a co-founder and full-stack entrepreneur for organizations to establish their brands in the digital and physical spaces.

About Me

🎓 I completed my Bachelor of Science in Business concentrating in Supply Chain Management and Analytics from VCU's School of Business and a Minor of Mathematics in May 2021. I also made Dean's List in August 2020 and May 2021.

👾 I recently dove into the world of Web3 and am currently building on the Ethereum and Solana blockchains.

💻 What am I passionate about? Coding for humanity. Preserving our home planet. Restoring global food security.

✍️ If you're interested in seeing a lighter weight version of this site, just follow this link.

Interests & Skills

Web3 Tech-Stack
Solidity + Smart Contracts
NFT Minting
JavaScript (ES6+)


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🗳 Web3
Buildspace: Build your own DAO with Javascript | Cohort Alkes | #35

Around a month-and-a-half ago I started a project called Wellness DAO with the goal of building a safe-space that revolves around community-driven wellness and breaking the stigma that exists around mental health care and well-being.

This project is the formation of a test DAO for Wellness DAO, with a token-gated membership page and its own governance token for submitting and voting on proposals.

Ethereum BlockchainDAO FormationTokenized Governance Systems
☀️ Web3
Buildspace: Solana NFT Collection | Cohort Alkes | #70

I created the concept for blockify.shop with the idea of bringing eCommerce to web3.

From buildspace: This is a chill, weekend project for any curious dev that wants to hack together some NFTs on Solana alongside some internet friends. You’ll generate your own custom NFTs and then build a storefront for someone to connect their wallet and mint your epic NFTs. All you need to know is React

Solana BlockchainCountdownMinting
🖼 Web3
Buildspace: Build a Solana App | Cohort Alkes | #29

This is a Web3 dApp on Solana that allows users to login with their Phantom wallet on the devnet and send their favorite cat GIF. Uses Rust + Solana + React Web3 App that anyone with a Solana wallet can interact with.

Solana BlockchainRustWeb3 dApp
👾 Web3
Buildspace: Create a NFT Game | Cohort Beid | #4

This project is a Web3 dApp that allows users to login with their Ethereum wallet on the Rinkeby test network and Mint their own Playable NFT and battle the Bosshroom.

Playable NFTs + MintingSolidity + Ethereum Smart Contracts
♻️ Web3
Buildspace: Build a Web3 App: Mint Your Own NFT collection | Cohort Deneb | #51

This project is a Web3 dApp that allows users to login with their Ethereum wallet on the Rinkeby test network and Mint their own Playable NFT from a randomly-generated collection inspired by Lattice Supply. Limited edition set of 42.

NFTs + MintingSolidity + Ethereum Smart Contracts
🥬 Web3
Buildspace: Build a Web3 App with Solidity + Ethereum Smart Contracts | Cohort Ginan | #25

I wrote and deployed my first-ever Smart Contract to the ETH Blockchain and built a Web3 client dApp to interact with the contract 😄 I decided to make a 'Veggie Portal' where you can submit your favorite fruit or vegetable!

Web3SolidityEthereumSmart Contracts
🚐 Contract
Sequoia Vans

Designed logo and branding. Developed website and progressive web-application in English and German.

Product DesignBrand DesignMulti-Lingual Design
🥬 Volunteer
Project Restore Us

Volunteered to build online presence with SEO, set fundraising goals, streamline data collection, and designed first logo and branding. Implemented Salesforce and livestream fundraising technology to help deliver more than 500,000 pounds of culturally-appropriate groceries to feed essential worker families through the redistribution of existing commercial food supply chains.

Web DevelopmentSalesforce Integration
🛹 Co-founder
Lattice Supply

Built eCommerce store and digital presence for a collective of artisans and makers based in Richmond, Virginia specializing in hand-crafted jewelry made from recycled materials. Our makers value unique and practical designs created in a sustainable manner - most notably from recycled skateboards.

Business DevelopmentSustainability DesignE-Commerce
⏱ Regional Manager
The Pit & The Peel

Re-engineered restaurant operations and establish standards for franchising to reduced ticket times by 80%. Developed new menu for three stores in order to standardize supply chain and operations. Contracted designer for a website re-design to fit modern-day business marketing strategies.

Operations ManagementRestaurant Management
♻️ Internship
Environmental Protection Agency

Consolidated technical research, analysis & other policy-related assignments to a team of lawyers & engineers on complex regulatory matters involving the Clean Air Act and other statutes & regulations. Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance, Office of Civil Enforcement, Air Enforcement Division, Mobile Source Enforcement Branch.